UK gearing up for another totally pointless Fathers Day

FATHERS and sons across the UK are preparing for another awkward and superfluous ‘celebration’ of being closely related.

Quick-thinking husband pushes rubbish down in bin rather than changing it

A QUICK-THINKING man has pushed the rubbish down in the bin again, saving everyone the hassle of changing it.

Woman who describes herself as 'random' actually means 'really annoying'

A WOMAN who claims to be ‘so random’ is actually just a massive pain in the arse, her friends have confirmed.

The pros and, for the sake of completeness, cons of cannabis legalisation

LEGALISATION of cannabis would raise billions in tax, free up police resources and deprive criminal gangs of income. But let's pretend there's a bad side.

Weirdo going to festival for the music

A WEIRD man has admitted that he is going to a music festival for the music.

Man who believes in traditional gender roles wearing pink shirt

AN 'old fashioned' man with strict beliefs about how the sexes should behave also enjoys wearing pink shirts.

Woman a bit rough, other women confirm

SOME women have confirmed that another woman is 'a bit rough'.

Nobody sure why men showing their ankles

THERE is widespread confusion over men's decision to start displaying their ankles, it has emerged.