21st-century teenager has no idea of 19th-century workplace awaiting him

A TEENAGER whose life is a round of computer games and idle internet fixations is oblivious to the Victorian-style workplace hell that awaits him, it has emerged.

Builder does eight-hour day for charity

A BUILDER has raised £1,000 for charity by doing an eight-hour day without buggering off to the pub, it has been confirmed.

Man celebrates pay rise by choosing slightly more expensive version of everything for the rest of his life

A MAN is celebrating a pay rise by buying slightly more costly versions of the same boring things, it has been confirmed.

Couple leaving 'honeymoon phase' realise they have no friends left

A NEW couple just leaving the 'honeymoon phase' of their relationship are realising that they have no friends left.

Man puts massive donation on JustGiving page so everyone knows he's loaded

A MAN doesn't give a shit about his friend's sponsored swim but just wants everyone to know he's got loads of cash, he has confirmed.

Parks haunted by mirage of pretty girls playing good-natured game of rounders

BRITAIN’S parks have once again been visited by mythical laughing girls inviting men to join them for a light-hearted rounders match.

Both members of couple think they are the hot one

A MAN and a woman both consider themselves the good-looking one in their relationship.

Tesco removes 'best before' dates from stuff that was never any good

TESCO has announced it will stop giving false hope to shoppers with ‘best before’ dates on food that is honestly appalling whenever.