Twitter Users Dare You To Even Think It

JUST say whatever it was you were going to say and then let's see what happens next, Twitter users warned last night.

'Looks like someone needs a refresher course in how to be utterly fucking lovely'

As the remains of the man who suggested Stephen Fry was not as good as Shakespeare were returned to his next of kin, the actor's 900,000 followers said if you even dream about being anything other than lovely you better wake up and apologise.

Anti-Fryist Nathan Muir, who used the Twitter name 'flubbybubby', was dragged from his bed at 4am on Sunday, bound with gaffer tape and pushed out of a helicopter over central London.

Minutes after the lynching Fry's friend and co-star Alan Davies posted a Twitter message saying: "This is what happens to FUCKERS who are not DELIGHTFUL."

One eyewitness said: "The poor guy was struggling for his life and shouting 'okay, he makes Shakespeare look like Joe Pasquale' but they just stuffed some newspaper in his mouth. I think it was the Mail on Sunday.

"I was going to say something but then I remembered that relatively amusing bit on QI  – you know the bit I mean – and decided that, on balance, he probably deserved to die."

Fry 'tweeted' yesterday: "@flubbybubby. oops. so sorry they hurled you screaming into the void. they're usually such poppets.

"If one wasn't in LA one would hug your corpse. #whowantstobenext?"

Meanwhile Professor Henry Brubaker, of the Institute for Studies, said the latest Fry-related Twitter slaying strengthened his theory that social networking was steadily turning everyone into a clinically insane 14 year-old girl.

He added: "@catch23 said i was fat. guys, i'm not fat, am i? i know, let's burn his face off and poison his dog."