Two pairs of boxers ample for week-long journey, confirm men

ONE change of undergarments is more than sufficient to maintain comfort and hygiene for seven days, men have confirmed.

Untroubled by notions of 'stickiness'

The issue was highlighted after 36-year-old teacher Tom Logan’s wife complained that the two pairs of boxer shorts he had packed for their one-week holiday in Jersey were woefully inadequate given the duration of the trip.

He said: “I had a pair on, and a pair in the suitcase. Any more would have been excessive.

“After a couple of days’ use, underwear can be reversed and worn inside out. After two more days, it can be reversed back again because the outside bit will have become clean by rubbing off the dirt onto one’s trousers.

“Any undergarment that becomes genuinely wretched can be cleaned in the bathroom sink, using lukewarm water and hotel soap, then left on a radiator to dry.

He continued: “I refuse to pack any more, it’s utterly unnecessary and because of my decadent wife this suitcase already weighs more than an aristocrat’s labrador.”

A subsequent Institute for Studies poll of men found that they all agreed with Tom Logan.

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “There is a stereotyped view, perpetuated by sexist television adverts for domestic cleaning products, of men as slovenly, lumbering beings devoid of common sense, and than it is only their female partner’s influence that stops them reverting to a Neanderthal state.

“And that is pretty much accurate.

“However, on the plus side Neanderthals could convincingly mimic bird calls, made their own Ugg boots and did not waste all their money on detergents that make fish grow extra heads.”