We were so right about Hari, say bullshit merchants

IDIOT journalist Johann Hari was last night roundly condemned by the usual bunch of self-regarding bullshitters.

Hari angered some bloggers more than the hacking of a dead girl's phone

As the star muppet for something called ‘The Independent’ apologised for using accurate quotes inaccurately and fucking about with Wikipedia in a way most people can only dream of, he was immediately scolded by the sort of commentators who get paid six-figures to piss directly into their readers’ faces.

After apologising, returning a prize and generally doing what he should have done, Hari was savaged by the same witless, lunch-filled oafs who continually demand people take responsibility for their actions in precisely this way.

Puffed-up monkeys like Simon Heffer, editor of ‘RightMinds’, the newest ward on the Daily Mail website, then shouted about standards and hubris and typical left-wing arrogance even as the mixture of urine and bullshit began to lap around their knees.

And an army of smug piss-artists also condemned the Independent for offering Hari the chance to return after retraining, as if the staffing of a privately owned newspaper could possibly be any of their business.

Media analyst Julian Cook  said: “We need urgent legislation to ensure that those who object to the Independent not sacking Johann Hari are given the option of not buying it.”

Meanwhile Private Eye greeted Hari’s apology by hopping up and down like a Footlights ponce and said Hari should retrain in exactly the same way as they didn’t after being dangerously wrong about the MMR vaccine.

Editor Ian Hislop said Hari’s lack of judgement was all too typical of the sort of young, untrained journalists who graduate from Oxbridge, have lunch with Peter Cook and then become editor of a magazine that is amusing to retired accountants and those who laugh loudly at Shakespeare ‘comedies’.

Meanwhile everyone else who didn’t bother to check if allegations about Hari’s reporting in Central Africa were actually true stressed that they probably wouldn’t bother to retrain either.