PETA underestimating men’s appetite for filth

PLANS by PETA to launch a website featuring pornography and animal
cruelty may have underestimated the depravity of the human male, it has

This sort of thing would be okay too

The frenzied animal rights organisation has already caused controversy with a series of adverts showing naked women holding rabbits or lambs that have attracted a huge number of men who like to see their food next to some tits.

Now they want to reach an even bigger audience with a website that will start off showing pornographic content before switching to graphic images of animal cruelty and slaughterhouses.

Tom Logan, from Hatfield, said: “Go on.”

A PETA spokeswoman said: “When people first visit the site, it will be very enticing and once they go just a little bit deeper, that’s when they’ll be confronted with images that we hope will make them stop and think and get them talking and hopefully encourage them to make a lifestyle change to a plant-based diet.”

Logan added: “This is so weird. I love it.”

The PETA spokeswoman added: “We anticipated that this new triple-X domain name would be a hot topic and we immediately decided to use it and take advantage of it to try to promote the animal rights message.”

Logan said: “I am going to watch it while rubbing a raw steak against my balls.

“And then I’m going to eat it.”