Thursday, 25th February 2021

Co-workers realise their friendship was entirely based on proximity

A PAIR of extremely close co-workers have realised that they are no longer friends now they do not sit together. 

Tom Booker and Wayne Hayes used to share a desk at the head office of a vacuum cleaner manufacturer, and regularly described each other as ‘like brothers’ until two weeks of homeworking made them realise they were only ever colleagues.

Hayes said: “It’s weird, but since we’ve not been sitting together, Tom just seems less and less necessary. I haven’t missed him at all. When he phones me I’m irritated. 

“We promised to meet for virtual Friday beers for the last two weeks, but it’s not happened. I’d rather just have beers on my own. I’m not actually sure I have his number.”

Booker said: “I used to joke about how Wayne was my ‘work wife’ but I’ve since realised that I far prefer my actual wife. I can barely remember what Wayne looks like. 

“All we really had in common was a desk, co-workers we disliked, an office we hated and football. And all those things are gone.”