Power-thinking, with Dr Morris O'Connor

Most people go through a period in their lives when they say to themselves 'things aren't going that well', or, 'I'm in a downward spiral of doom'.

Guest Blog: Piers Morgan

My job has taken me to every corner of the globe. Along the way I've met the rich, the famous and have even had time to say a polite 'hello' to ordinary folk, despite the fact that they can do nothing to further my career.

Kojak In The Attic

Whaddaya know, Mr and Mrs Patterson want to raise three big ones so they can enjoy a self-catering Hoseasons boating vacation on the Norfolk Broads. It's not my cup of tea, coochie-coo - the only broads Theo Kojak's interested in are the ones who make my eggs over easy and keep my side of the bed warm at night, capice?

The Large Hadron Collider Proves Why We Need More Cox

Many people breathed a sigh of relief last week when the Large Hadron Collider smashed some protons together and the planet failed to blow up. But, as I observed at the time, if the researchers at Cern were going to blow up anything it should probably be a photograph of TV scientist, Professor Brian Cox, with the top button of his Wranglers undone.

One Woman's Week, With Karen Fenessey

EVERYONE is saying it’s great that the Chandlers have finally been released by their swash buckling captors. But is it just me who thinks this development is a little too convenient?

Shaun Ryder's Jungle

AND so I am to appear on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. As an aesthete I am naturally repelled by the unstoppable march of reality television programmes and the oxygen they lend to the dismal, slack-jawed 'personalities' who scramble to appear on them.

Power-thinking, with Dr Morris O'Connor

Being the cleverest person in the room is an incredible feeling. You probably worry that the hours you spend on Facebook looking at photo albums of people you don't know or reading celebrity gossip magazines is making you stupid. It is not...

Samuel L Jackson: Personal Injury Lawyer

THIS dude comes into ma office the other day and I ask him his name and he comes back with 'Vic'. I says to him: "Tell me Vic, in the last three years have you been involved in a muthafuckin' accident that wasn't your fault?"