Power-thinking, with Dr Morris O’Connor

Manifesting extreme intelligence

Being the cleverest person in the room is an incredible feeling. You probably worry that the hours you spend on Facebook looking at photo albums of people you don’t know or reading celebrity gossip magazines is making you stupid. It is not. If you cannot name anyone in government or you are poor, it is merely because you are thinking ‘retarded thoughts’.

For the last 40 years I have had the confidence to know that my intelligence surpasses anyone else’s – and my friends are the CEOs of international companies and world class golfers. It is a commonly held belief that you have to study and read encyclopedias to get smart. It is simply not true. I own in the region of four thousand books but I have only flipped through a couple of them.

I took my son out of school when he was six and set up his bedroom with a fast internet connection and access to a lifetime supply of snack food. He is 17 now and in 11 short years he has become one of the most powerful warlocks in the history of online gaming. Why? Because in addition to high salt content food products, I gave him three simple steps to ‘alpha intelligence’.

Step 1: Think of the person you would like to be more intelligent than, such as Noel Edmonds or Deborah Meaden. Try and imagine what goes on in their heads. If you are thinking about making a lot of money from a television game show format or a new product like a sock that is also a handbag, you are on the right lines.

Step 2: This is absolutely key – you must believe that you are already more intelligent than they are. Act like them, power dress, belittle those around you and occasionally just ignore people when they ask you questions.

Step 3: Start praising and blessing your intelligence. As you start to feel more intelligent more intelligence will be drawn to you like nightclub women round a bottle of Cristal. I know that in a ‘fact-off’ I will always win.

You too can manifest extreme intelligence right now. Just remember not to think like a spaz.

Dr Morris O’Connor is the best-selling author of Money Grows on Mind Trees