Dream Doctor Toby: He Interprets Your Dreams

Case no. 2: Charles and the Juggernaut

Dear Dr Toby

I am driving down a dark, dimly-lit city street.  I get the feeling I am going the wrong way, but the road is too narrow and the walls too high to turn myself around. Eventually I see an opening in the wall up ahead. I manoeuvre myself in to it and turn the car around, facing the direction I feel I want to be heading in...

One Woman's Week: She's Not Keeping Someone Else's Baby

By Karen Fenessey

I THINK that in this day and age, when a woman as exemplary as Madonna wants to adopt an impoverished child, we should just be damned grateful.

Dream Doctor Toby: He Interprets Your Dreams

Case No. 1: 'Tom and the rope bridge'

Dear Dr Toby,
I had a dream that I was crossing a rope bridge up high in the clouds and then I met an old school friend halfway...

My Big Gap Year: Slum Girls Have All The Luck

Dispatches from Poppy Spalding

THURSDAY, MUMBAI: This week finds me 'slumming' it in Mumbai, India. After watching the totally amazing foreign film Slumdog Millionaire last week, I simply had to get over here and join in all the slum-based fun.

One Woman's Week: Reinventing The Train

By Karen Fenessey

I THINK this recession thing is really going to people's heads. I've been keenly following Paxman's wonderful series on the Victorians, and I can reliably inform you that they didn't have nervous breakdowns just because it was taking longer than expected to sell their flats.

Charlotte Church's Six Nation's Round-Up

TO all those people who might be asking, what the bloody hell does she know about rugby, I'd like to say this: I bloody loves rugby, and secondly, see, I bloody loves my Gavin, so if you want to make something of it you can meet me, Angharad and the rest of the valley girls round the back of the Prince of Wales for a bloody good scrap, isn't it.

My Big Gap Year

Dispatches from Poppy Spalding


THERE comes a point in every backpacker's journey where they just lose the plot and do something totally outrageous. For me, this happened in the airport last week when I just said 'To Hell with everything!' and jumped on a flight to the renowned cannibal stomping ground of Mongolia!

Bollocks To Goals, Show Me Football

Weekend sport with Charlie Reeves

THE Premier League is the hardest in the world. Don't believe what you hear from the frog lickers, the pasta suckers and whatever the hell Spanish people are eating these days. English teams run harder, in more directions and with fewer reasons than any other nation of footballers.

One Woman's Week: Every Little Does Not Help

By Karen Fenessey

I DON'T understand people who complain about the snow. When it's perilous outside, I voraciously leap upon the opportunity to stay indoors and challenge my mind. It's precisely the attitude which spawned the likes of Russia's Dostoevsky and Scotland's John 'Logie' Baird. However, for some, heavy snowfall leads to voracious leaping of a far less noble nature and I'm ashamed to admit that one of these people is related to me.

My Big Gap Year: Buddha Can You Spare A Dime?

Dispatches from Poppy Spalding


This week, I'm in Tokyo: home of sushi, tiny things and my all-time favourite movie: Bill Murray's Lost in Translation. This movie has never been more relevant, not just to me but to the entire world, most of whom don't understand Japanese. My experiences here have taught me we have so much to learn from Bill, and also from Buddha.

One Woman's Week: The Age Of Reason

By Karen Fenessey

I MUST admit I am becoming steadily more bamboozled by British society. Whatever happened to the veneration in which we once held our monarchy? In days of yore, people had a much better sense of humour and any decent citizen would have let a tiny spot of racist horseplay slide. And if they were to take offence at the monarchy, they would be severely punished - just look at bonfire night. And Ireland.

My Big Gap Year

Dispatches from Poppy Spalding


THIS week finds me in Bangkok international airport, en route for Japan. My parents have forced me to abandon my beach hut in Phuket and go somewhere they can keep tabs on me. Once again, they’ve totally overreacted to some minor thing and say I must ring in the New Year with my Dad’s ex colleague, Mr Willets, and his Japanese wife. They say I’m putting my health at risk by beach hut living- even though I was learning important lessons about Christmas.