Brad Pitt's Twelve Days of Christmas

I've wet myself. Inevitable.

Andrew Marr's History of Gay Tory Witch Hunts

Benjamin Disraeli would become the first name in Philip Schofield's list of gay Tory witches.

(Black) cat's entertainment

A Halloween-themed cinema review by a cat.

Guest Blog: Nigella Lawson

When you've a diet that as rich and varied as mine, the bathroom can become a seething, nightmarish jungle of microscopic ghouls.

Guest Blog: Frank Gallagher

There were revolting cheese footballs, disgusting party food from Iceland as well as several Sarah Lee gateaux. It all tasted utterly dreadful, but we had so much fun.

He wasn't really a burglar, but I'm glad I killed him anyway

IT was three o’clock in the morning when I heard the ominous creak of my feet on the bedroom floor.

Guest blog: Daniel Craig

I owe everything to a technique I refer to as "the secret bender".

We've seen quite enough Middleton flesh oozing from the armpits of a £35 shift dress

I think can speak for everyone when I say "Kate, we are all sick of your skin."

I'm a busy father of three, yet all I want to do is get high

Anything is possible if you're willing to fight for your dream.

The ecowarrior's response to a brown, malformed lemon is the same as R-Patz's to Kristen Stewart

In fact, the safe looking ones are full of false promises and lies.

Guest blog: Davros

"Mr Davros, can you lift your arm above your head?”