Richard III's beauty blog

It doesn't matter if you're the King of York or Lancaster - just as long as you're the King of You.

Jodie Foster's intensely private HMV memories

Mel, you with me? Remember the twelve inch? I think you do. We don't need another hero, is all I'm sayin', Mel. That was a bit of code between me and Mel, there.

Gerard Depardieu's green card

After safely reaching port, we'll move into the Kremlin and dine on black caviar until we all get diarrhoea and have to lie down. Bon vivant!

Brad Pitt's Twelve Days of Christmas

I've wet myself. Inevitable.

Andrew Marr's History of Gay Tory Witch Hunts

Benjamin Disraeli would become the first name in Philip Schofield's list of gay Tory witches.

(Black) cat's entertainment

A Halloween-themed cinema review by a cat.

Guest Blog: Nigella Lawson

When you've a diet that as rich and varied as mine, the bathroom can become a seething, nightmarish jungle of microscopic ghouls.