The ecowarrior's response to a brown, malformed lemon is the same as R-Patz's to Kristen Stewart

In fact, the safe looking ones are full of false promises and lies.

Guest blog: Davros

"Mr Davros, can you lift your arm above your head?”

People say women shouldn't involve themselves in politics because it never ends well

Julian is lucky to have a blank canvas regarding hair and I'm sure any old Ecuadorion lacky could nip to Boots for some Nice n Easy.

Jack Regan's Desert Island Discs

Every time Haskins gives me and George a bollocking, I put on some native American chanting music.

Top Cat's Desert Island Discs

I dig that Wallander cat, I dig his solemnity and I dig his theme tune.

David Bowie's real ale blog

To show you how much I love real ale, here's a number from my new concept album, Roll Out The Casque Marked, CAMRA-Approved Barrel...

How to make your own 'Bradley Wiggins' sideburns

You can get the 'Wiggins look' with little more than pubes and sticky tape.

Watching the Women's 63kg final, we can't help wondering at their lycra-clad mysteries

Any truly intrepid scientist would jump at the chance to go in and have a good old rummage around.