Labour bribing young people with luxurious free bus travel

THE Labour party is mired in controversy after trying to bribe young people with thrilling, luxurious free bus travel.

The shameless pay off continues the party’s controversial policy of helping young people get on in life instead of vilifying and punishing them.

Conservative MP Julian Cook said: “Labour are promising their young voters a privilege reserved for Tory pensioners, and that’s an outrage. No, it’s evil.

“Travelling by bus is a cornucopia of delights most people would give their right arm for. What could be better than gliding effortlessly through the streets in luxury akin to the Orient Express?

“By god, I wish I were on a bus right now.

“Young people have it easy in our cushy society of flexible working and cheap tuition fees, and now they literally want a free ride? I think I’m going to be sick.”

Student Tom Logan said: “I love travelling by bus, except when you have to wait 40 minutes at a freezing bus stop and it’s almost a fiver to get to college, which is all the time.”