Boris is such a liar, says Gove

MICHAEL Gove has confirmed that Boris Johnson is the most appalling liar.

The Brexiter's guide to why lies are good

IT’S easy to criticise lying, but it’s a vital part of Brexit. Here's six reasons why people shouldn’t get their knickers in a twist about a few blatant untruths.

Tommy Robinson's guide to coping with rejection

LIKE a lot of renowned hard men, I have a sensitive side. And when I’m hurt, for example when I only win 2.2 per cent of the vote and lose five fucking grand, I have to know how to move on.

Nigel Farage announces Tory leadership bid

NIGEL Farage has announced that he has entered the race to lead the Conservative party.

'My only consolation is that whoever follows me will be far worse'

A GREAT many unkind things have been said about me since my resignation on Friday. I have been called dishonest, ill-prepared, deluded and hopeless.

Now do Corbyn, says Britain

THE British public has welcomed the long overdue resignation of Theresa May and asked Jeremy Corbyn to hand his in next.

May to be remembered as Poundland Thatcher who accomplished jack sh*t

THERESA May will forever be remembered as a knock-off Margaret Thatcher who wasted three years fucking about with bullshit, commentators believe.

Britain demands oaf

BORIS Johnson will become Prime Minister because he seems funny, it has been claimed.

Vote for whoever you like, it doesn't matter and nobody gives a toss, experts advise

EXPERTS have advised that if there was ever an election where voters could throw caution to the wind and go hogwild, this is the one.

Are you a 'radicalised Remainer' or do you just think Farage is a tw*t?

HAS voting to remain in the EU somehow turned you into a traitorous, UK-hating fundamentalist, or do you just hate Nigel Farage? Here’s how to tell.

Brexiters excited to vote on thing they know jack shit about again

LEAVE voters have confirmed they will be turning out in large numbers to vote on a thing they do not have a clue about.

Tory MPs begin search for vaguely competent bastard

CONSERVATIVE MPs are hoping to replace Theresa May with someone who is just as cynical and nasty but not really bad at absolutely everything.