Voter physically unable to look at them

A VOTER is unable to bring himself to look at them, any of them, when they appear on the news.

Bellends urged not to vote

BELLENDS across the UK have been urged to not use their vote.

Tory annoyingly not a total monster

A CONSERVATIVE voter has annoyed everyone by not being as evil as they had hoped.

The Mash guide to having a political conversation

HOW to handle the living hell of a political conversation.

Divided nation bonds over Diane Abbott's crapness

FRIENDS and families torn apart by politics are coming together and healing over the crapness of Diane Abbott.

Man sure workmates will vote Labour after saying they're scum otherwise

A MAN is convinced colleagues share his pro-Labour views after he ranted at them about all other parties being evil scumbags.

Worried mum finds Tory manifesto stashed under son's mattress

A MOTHER has been left concerned after finding a copy of the Conservative manifesto hidden under her son's mattress.

You can help by keeping your mouth shut, Trump told

BRITAIN has responded to Donald Trump’s offer of help by suggesting he stops saying words with his mouth.