Man who's wanked on about Brexit for three years not voting if it's cold

A MAN who has spent three years ranting about Brexit is not planning to vote on December 12th if it is cold that day.

Five unlikely things Labour is to blame for

THE Tories have used the ‘Trump playbook’ to put the blame for last week’s terror attack on Labour. What else can they implausibly pin on them?

Ice sculpture takes lead in polls

THE ice sculpture in last night’s Channel 4 debate has roared to a 12-point lead in general election polling. 

What sort of 'Get Brexit done' b*llend are you?

DOES the idea of just 'getting Brexit done’ make total sense to you? Read our guide to what sort of idiot you might be.

'Jeremy who?' says Labour in election tactics change

THE Labour party is drastically changing its election tactics by denying there is, or has ever been, any such thing as ‘Jeremy Corbyn’.

How Jacob Rees-Mogg can make a comeback

BEING so evil that even Boris Johnson’s Conservatives deny you exist is not easy, but Jacob Rees-Mogg has managed it. How can he stage a comeback?

Corbyn not saying sorry until the Jews say sorry

CORBYN has refused to apologise for being anti-Semitic until the Jews apologise for calling him anti-Semitic.

Johnson is to Corbyn as the Joker is to Batman, Labour admits

THE Labour party has admitted that Boris Johnson does to Jeremy Corbyn exactly what the Joker does to Batman.

The mental things you never thought this election would be about

PREVIOUS general elections were at least halfway sane. This one is off-the-rails mental. Here are the issues that have made it that way.

Election could be decided by 30,000 d*ckheads

THE election could be decided by no more than 30,000 total ars*holes, pollsters believe.

What Labour will take from your house to pay for their manifesto

LABOUR’S election manifesto means they will take the things you love from your home and sell them to raise money. Here’s an item-by-item guide.

Quiz: Can you tell which of these statements is a Tory lie?

THE Tories appear to have dispensed with telling the truth, so can you distinguish their lies from fact? Take our fun quiz and rate the following statements true or false.