Brown Thinks He Is The Fonz

PRIME minister Gordon Brown was going around last night totally thinking he's the Fonz.

Oh Potsie, you're useless

According to senior government sources Mr Brown is now answering the phone by saying 'hey!' and walking about the office arm-in-arm with a pair of 17 year-old twins.

The prime minister said last night: "To me the British banking system is a bit like a busted juke box.

"No point getting Ralph and Potsie to poke around in there like a couple of dorks, I'll just give it a nudge with my Fonzie elbow."

As Mr Brown urged other countries to follow his super-cool example, Downing Street aides confirmed the prime minister had achieved his first full erection in more than a year.

A Labour source said: "He called everyone into the main lobby, opened his dressing gown and shouted, 'where's yer leadership contest noo?'"

And with the prime minister re-energised by the fears of millions of Britons, some political observers are claiming the crisis could be Mr Brown's 'Winston Churchill moment'.

Bill McKay, professor of politics at Reading University, said: "Yes, it would be a 'Winston Churchill moment' if Churchill had spent 10 years giving hand relief to Hitler and Goering before telling them exactly where, when and how to invade Britain."