Defiant Labour MPs Stand By Goebbels

A GROUP of Labour MPs has written to the German government demanding a posthumous pardon for Joseph Goebbels.

Oh look, you've made him all sad

The MPs have defied their party’s leadership and accused Germany of treating the late Nazi propagandist ‘unfairly’.

Julian Cook, MP for Darlington North West, said: “The way they dealt with Joseph was very unbalanced. They are riding roughshod over his right to appeal, just because he’s dead.

“I also think the Labour leadership should do the right thing and thank Joseph for the huge contribution he has made to the party in recent years.”

He added: “This is about democracy. It’s about making sure that people are able to say whatever they want regardless of how true it happens to be. Or have the courts decided that democracy means something else?

“And what message does this send to those of us who got into politics so that we could frighten people using nothing but the power of our imagination?”

But Labour deputy leader, Harriet Harman, refused to support the backbenchers, adding: “The Labour Party can never be seen to condone people who get caught lying.

“Apart from Peter Mandelson and all those times I told Pauline Prescott that John wasn’t covering his secretary’s tits in lukewarm chip fat.”