Fears grow that Brown may not be very good with money

GORDON Brown’s admission that he does not have any money has raised suspicions the prime minister may not be very good when it comes to matters of finance.

Mr Brown has been paying rent of about £12,000 a month since June 2007

Mr Brown told a men’s magazine that despite earning at least £1.5m since Labour came to power in 1997, there is virtually nothing left and he may have to work as a greeter at Asda when he is forced to stop being a politician next year.

He said: “It’s very expensive being prime minister. I have a large townhouse just off Whitehall – and that’s really fancy, by the way – and then there’s the great big country mansion in Buckinghamshire.

“And don’t forget all those fancy state dinners and the bullet-proof Jag. That thing only does about eight miles to the gallon.”

Constitutional expert Julian Cook said: “Someone should probably have told Mr Brown that as prime minister he was not supposed to pay for all that stuff out of his own pocket.

“Could it be that some unscrupulous civil servant is presenting the prime minister with fake monthly invoices and telling him to make the cheques payable to some bogus company he has set up in the Cayman Islands?”

Martin Bishop, deputy chief economist at Madeley-Finnegan, added: “This does begin to open up the possibility that, when it comes to money, Gordon Brown may be fucking shit.”

When asked how he would like history to judge him, Mr Brown replied: “As Spiderman.”