Woman who watches lots of shit TV trying to pass it off as 'research'

A WOMAN whose favourite television programmes include Hollyoaks and Love Island has claimed she only watches trashy shows for ‘research purposes’.

Mum considering ripping ears off to avoid hearing more about f**king Minecraft

A MUM whose son won’t shut the fuck up about Minecraft is considering ripping her own ears off to make it stop.

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Couple in late 30s weirdly not bothered about parents paying for everything

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Man with neck beard wondering what the hell he was thinking

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Far-right distancing itself from Morrissey

EXTREME right-wing groups have sought to distance themselves from the increasingly unhinged former lead singer of The Smiths.

'You scrub up nicely' not a compliment, idiots told

‘YOU scrub up nicely’ actually means ‘normally you look pretty shit’, recipients of the compliment feel.

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