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Boyfriend accused of not taking ghost tour seriously

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Your guide to Britain's bullshit 'culture war'

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Millennials cosplaying as homeowners

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'F**k off, the f**king lot of you' man jokingly tells family

A FATHER has light-heartedly told his family that the whole fucking lot of them can fuck off only for it to be taken the wrong way.

Woman gets fancy Easter egg instead of the bucket of Flakes she wanted

A WOMAN has been let down by her boyfriend’s gift of a small, expensive dark chocolate Easter egg instead of a big cheap one that absolutely does the business.

Families gather to sing jolly songs about brutal execution

FAMILIES have joined together to sing jolly little songs about the time a man was brutally nailed to a cross.

Protesting is latest fad for middle class people who want to be different

MIDDLE CLASS people will spend the summer protesting about things to prove they are not typically middle class.

Man only becomes emotionally intelligent when listening to Springsteen

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Londoner stunned to find all other Londoners also leaving London for weekend

A WOMAN who decided to get out of of the capital for Easter was stunned to find that every single other London resident had the same idea.

Sourdough bread just normal bread that's been told about mindfulness

POSH sourdough bread is the same as normal bread but the baker has told it about aspirational lifestyle shit like mindfulness, it has been revealed.