Woman asks friend for 'feedback' on incredibly shit children's book idea

A WOMAN found it hard to give positive feedback on a friend’s children's book idea because it was shockingly shite, it has emerged.

Five annoying things about millennials we've just made up

DO you love getting angry about millennials? Here are some things about them we’ve imagined which will make you despise them even more.

'I'm happy for you' actually means 'No I'm f**king not'

PEOPLE are never telling the truth when they claim to be happy for you, research has confirmed.

Experts on house prices not twats like other experts, UK decides

EXPERTS warning of a fall in house prices should be treated like wise sages while everyone else is ignored, Britain has decided.

Woman sure poor people will love pile of crap she's taken to charity shop

A WOMAN is convinced her donations to a charity shop are bringing joy to others, despite them just being rubbish she wants out of the house.

Which WhatsApp group is ruining your life?

WHICH WhatsApp group is taking up all your time and sapping your will to live?

Glamping just like staying in luxury hotel but you also crap in a hole

GLAMPING is exactly like staying at a posh hotel except you have to defecate into a hole in the ground, it has emerged.

Why A-levels are bullshit, by someone with a D and two Es

I BELIEVE now is the time to address the issue of A-levels being stupid bullshit, which has nothing to do with my somewhat underwhelming results of D, E, E and U.