Vicar unable to explain plot holes in Bible

CHILDREN at a Sunday school are asking their vicar more and more difficult questions about the Bible, none of which he seems able to answer.

Apostrophe added to endangered species list

THE apostrophe has been added to the list of endangered species in the UK.

Sweaty woman determined to wear winter coat

A WOMAN refusing to remove her winter coat despite it still being quite warm out is sweating like a pig, she has admitted.

Being on Facebook not a medical qualification, idiots told

OWNING a Facebook account does not mean you can give all your friends dodgy medical advice, doctors have warned.

Caravan holidays just gateway to swinging, grandparents admit

CARAVAN holidays are a tentative step towards kinky retirement-age swinging, the nation’s grandparents have admitted.

'Am I a bellend like that?' asks horrified Trump

A SHAKEN President Trump has asked aides if he resembles Kanye West after the egomaniac rapper visited the Oval Office.

Man who last had a fight in 1978 still reckons he could handle himself

A MAN whose last fight was at primary school against a smaller boy believes he still has what it takes if shit went down.

Play the Princess Eugenie's wedding drinking game

THE tedious televised nuptials of Princess Eugenie and some bloke will be more fun if you’re pissed, so play our royal wedding-themed drinking game.