14 Year-Old Diver Gets Synchronised Kicking

BRITAIN'S teenage diver Tom Daley was on the business end of a synchronised kicking last night after a spat with his team-mate.

Daley later criticised Aldridge's nut-kicking technique

Daley had been criticised by dive partner Blake Aldridge for not being very good at diving, following the final round of their disastrous Olympic diving performance.

But Daley responded by telling Aldridge the whole point of the contest was for the two of them to be exactly as bad at diving as each other.

BBC swimming commentator, Julian Cook, said: "Blake stormed off but came back five minutes later with a friend and the two of them then proceeded to kick Tom's nuts in the most beautifully choreographed way.

"They both spun round on the spot and then leapt forward – smiling the whole time – before delivering a pair of perfectly synchronised boots to the youngster's carelessly exposed crotch."

He added: "It was fantastic entertainment. They should make it an Olympic sport."

Meanwhile organisers of London 2012 have unveiled plans for a synchronised version of every event, effectively doubling the size of the games.

A spokesman said: "This will mean revising the budget slightly as we will have to build a second London in order to provide an identical route for the synchronised Marathon."