Friday, 10th July 2020

Man starts podcast to follow passion of wasting everyone's time

A MAN has started a podcast to focus on his passion for wasting other people’s time.

Nathan Muir’s podcast will include topics such as medieval history, Indonesian food and mixed martial arts, but will be ‘pretty flexible’ as long as it is ‘essentially pointless’.

Muir revealed the podcast will be ‘mostly chilled out conversations, with a splash of serious talk’, adding: “But I really just want people to underestimate the value of their time.”

Muir, who describes himself as ‘an artist and a humanist first and foremost’, said: “It’s also going to be really good if you’re trying to multitask and keep rewinding it because you weren’t paying attention.”

The podcast already has an average of seven listeners per week and Muir is planning to generate revenue by getting paid to stop doing it.