Sunday, 27th September 2020

Student who only took General Studies sure it will open a lot of doors

AN A-level student who chose not to take any course except General Studies is confident he has a bright future.

Josh Hudson decided to do just the one subject because he did not want to work too hard, and now feels his D grade will bring exciting career opportunities.

Hudson said: “I’m gobsmacked about getting such a high grade. I was hungover when I took the mock so it doesn’t look like it’s been rounded down. If anything the exam board has been generous.

“I wasn’t confident about getting a place at university, but I realise now I was selling myself short. Thanks to clearing I’ve been offered a place at the prestigious English Language School of Streatham. 

“I assume that’s a highly respected English Literature degree, but that doesn’t mean I have to become an author or a books professor. Plenty of people with arts degrees end up in the City on 500k.

“Apparently I should have studied what my dad calls ‘real subjects’. It just goes to show how wrong he was. I guess he’s just not academic like me.”

Dad Roger Hudson said: “Frankly anything Josh does in the future is an exciting opportunity compared to sitting on the sofa texting and eating toast all day, every day.”