Your Problems Solved, With Holly Harper

Dear Holly,
My boss must be very clumsy because he's forever dropping items of stationery on the floor and requesting that I bend over to pick them up, usually on the days I am wearing a low cut top. I think maybe he might be interested in something more than just my typing skills, but I am worried about mixing business with pleasure. Do you think this would be a bad idea?

Dear Pricilla,
I love jelly and ice cream, and I love bouncy castles, but only a fool would combine the two. You only have to consider what happened to Amanda Sullivan at the spring gala last weekend to understand the full horror of mixing copious amounts of party food with a lengthy session of vigorous jumping on an inflatable entertainment system. Had someone the foresight to prevent Amanda from eating sixteen pink wafers, five red liquorice whips, a strawberry Cornetto, and numerous handfuls of Frazzles before she started pogo-ing along to 2Unlimited, possibly the carnage that ensued might have been avoided.
Hope that helps!