Miliband nasty bad man

ED Miliband is a bad, nasty thing so you no vote for him.

BBC4 canal boat programme contains subliminal gay porn

SPLIT-SECOND frames of hardcore gay pornography were spliced into BBC4’s All Aboard! The Canal Boat Trip.

Football Manager not real

THE Football Manager games depict fictional events with no bearing on reality, it has been confirmed.

Sitting alone in car parks confirmed as top leisure activity

MOST adults spend more then ten hours a week slumped in stationary cars hiding from their miserable lives, it has emerged.

Stony-hearted Britons struggling to feel anything for supermarkets

SHOCKED Britons have found themselves at a point of 'supermarket compassion fatigue'.

Energy drinks recommended as part of an unhealthy lifestyle

ENERGY drinks are the perfect complement to partying too much and eating ready meals, according to medical experts.

Your astrological week ahead, with Psychic Bob

Taurus (20 APRIL - 20 MAY) On Thursday you'll go into a little booth and do what you do every five years. Have a shower.

Princess named after three people Charles hates

PRINCESS Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was named after Prince Charles' greatest enemies, it has emerged.

Biggest dickhead from school now doing MMA

THE biggest dickhead you grew up with is now claiming to be a mixed martial arts fighter.