New curvy Barbie comes with host of self-esteem issues

A NEW range of Barbies come in a variety of skin tones, body shapes and crippling self-esteem issues.

Save tiny amount of money by doing stuff that's a massive pain in the arse, says consumer expert

UK CONSUMERS could save £15.68 a year if they went to hugely time-consuming lengths to do so, it has been claimed.

Mini Cooper owners even worse than you suspected

PEOPLE with Mini Coopers are even worse than you had assumed, it has emerged.

Dulux launches paint range inspired by relationship problems

PAINT maker Dulux has created a range inspired by the various types of tension that creep into relationships.

Job interviews where you ‘really get on’ mean you’re shit

JOB interviewers are chatty and laugh at your jokes if they think you are time-wasting scum, it has emerged.

Pathetic worker pretended he didn’t want to go home

A CONNIVING office worker pretended he would rather crack on with more work than go home at five 'o' clock, it has emerged.

The Mash guide to surviving the financial meltdown

BANKERS, politicians and all the other people who caused 2008’s financial apocalypse agree that things are about to go tits up again.

Tax return hailed as creative writing masterpiece

HMRC AUDITORS have hailed a self-employed man’s tax return as a masterpiece of contemporary fiction.