Parents encouraging kids to do difficult hobbies so they can laugh at them

PARENTS are urging their children to learn difficult hobbies so they can laugh at their pathetic efforts, it has emerged.

Men rebuke each other for sexist joke by slapping each other's palms

TWO men have sharply rebuked each other for enjoying a sexist joke with what appeared to be a high five.  

Smell of weed on local bus particularly strong today

THE odour of high-strength cannabis on a local bus was especially pungent this morning, it has been confirmed.

Middle aged man gets every single word of song wrong

A MIDDLE aged father of three has managed to sing along incorrectly to every line of a song on the car radio.

Bored baby wondering when mum going back to work

A BORED five-month-old child wants his mother to return to work, insisting has never really seen himself as a 'stay at home baby'.

Key to successful relationship 'is admitting when your partner is wrong'

THE secret to a successful relationship is knowing when your partner is wrong and making sure they and everyone else know it, experts have confirmed.