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Woman never realised musicals were that shit

A WOMAN who had never been to a musical before had no idea they were quite so awful, she has admitted.

Crime drama just f**king you about now

A TV crime drama that started off promisingly is now just f**king with viewers for kicks, it has emerged.

This part of Brexit movie will be a montage, says director

BREXIT is currently in the part of the film where nothing will happen for a while so it will all be put together as a montage set to music, it has been confirmed.

Middle-aged friends instantly regret buying festival tickets

SEVERAL middle-aged friends are regretting buying tickets to a festival this summer.

Man finally admits to fondness for Sting

A MAN has decided to stop hiding his true musical orientation and tell everyone he likes Sting.

Woman who claims to love classical music only knows Game of Thrones theme

A WOMAN who calls herself ‘a big fan’ of classical music only knows the Game of Thrones theme tune, it has emerged.

Why are all our TV programmes so f**king trippy? ask children

CHILDREN have demanded to know why television programmes aimed at them are all incredibly weird.

Marvel to introduce first ever diverse storyline

MARVEL comics is to introduce a diverse storyline where the same old shit doesn't happen.