Your Problems Solved, With Holly Harper

Dear Holly,
I’m fed up with being taken advantage of at work. For some reason, my boss thinks she has the right to give me tasks to do every day, and constantly expects me to turn up to work on time and stick to deadlines. I’ve thought about talking to HR, but they’re about as useful as a tampon in a monastery. Should I just report her to the police?

Dear Abigail,
Don’t bother complaining to me about getting pushed around by your boss: you should try living with my mummy and daddy and then see how you feel. They’re always forcing me to do horrible things like tidy my room, do my homework, or eat every last scrap of their disgusting broccoli. Last night, all my friends were going down to the quarry to see a dead cat and poke at it with a stick, but I wasn’t allowed to go because my parents are cruel and don’t care about my welfare. So while everyone else was having unforgettable fun playing with a festering animal corpse, I was stuck in front of Watchdog with my flatulent granny who goes on and on about some war and how I should be grateful for broccoli because all she got for her tea when she was my age was a raw potato dipped in tea. So the short answer is yes, you should phone the police immediately.
Hope that helps!