2000AD editor charged with mind-tapping

THARG, the Betelgeusian editor of sci-fi comic 2000AD, has been arrested for using his alien mind powers to get stories.

Tharg allegedly stole the idea for the story where Judge Dredd shoots some people

The green-skinned media veteran allegedly tapped the minds of numerous writers, using alien psychic abilities emanating from the ‘Rosette of Sirius’ on his forehead, to get storylines for Judge Dredd.

Tharg, full name Tharg the Mighty, said: “Tharg the Mighty does not need to drain the minds of mere earthlets.

“He has a highly efficient team of script droids producing thrills on a weekly basis.

“These allegations are a conspiracy by the Dictators of Zrag, who are working with grexnixes, nonscrots and others who are in no way zarjaz.”

A police spokesman said: “We have a list of former 2000AD writers who have felt Tharg psychically tapping their mental energies.

“This includes Alan Moore, Grant Morrison and other very grounded individuals with little or no drugs experience.”

Media lawyer Nikki Hollis said: “I have no idea what any of this means, but it all sounds deeply unsexy.”