750,000 middle class homes could be forced to get Sky


SATELLITE broadcaster Sky’s increasingly monopoly on quality TV drama could force many middle-class homes into the murky terrain of dish ownership, it has been claimed.

Murdoch will use Fox News to fill his Guardian-reading subscribers with vomit-inducing guilt

Media analysts believe Rupert Murdoch’s much-hyped new channel Sky Tasteful, whose schedule includes Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire and over a dozen gritty, complicated cop dramas, is compulsory for middle class people who need to be part of the zeitgeist.

Architect Julian Cook said: “The launch of Sky Tasteful has serious implications for me and my family.

“Whenever we have people over for dinner we love to theorise about the parlous state of British TV drama, and how the vestiges of the class system prohibits the BBC from ever doing anything with as much funky swearing and blackness as The Wire.

“But if Murdoch’s new venture is going to potentially put my dinner guests several seasons ahead of me on Steve Buscemi’s latest work there’s a serious possibility that I may not be able to convince them I’m clever.”

He added: “It’s a nightmare that I’ll have to subscribe, not only in term of class semantics but also because I’m passionately convinced Rupert Murdoch is the devil. Although if pressed I would be forced to admit I’m not entirely sure why.

“Possibly something to do with Israel.”

A Sky spokesman said: “With an ‘upscale’ target demographic in mind, Sky Tasteful’s receiver is not traditionally disc-shaped. It is in fact disguised as a wheel of expensive Brie-like gooey cheese labelled ‘Le Coquillon’.

“Of course you’ll still have to explain why you’ve got cheese on your roof, but that’s your problem.”


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