Action film starring 71 year-old man hits snag

THE producers of the new Star Wars film admit they have no idea how long it takes a 71 year-old man to recover from a broken ankle.

As Harrison Ford was hit by a falling door on the set at Pinewood Studios, a spokesman for Disney said: “What do we reckon, a couple of weeks?”

He added: “It does create a degree of uncertainty, but thankfully this will be the last Star Wars film made by and with real people.”

Director JJ Abrams said: “He’s a joy to work with because when he’s on set he genuinely believes he’s Han Solo – or Deckard from Blade Runner, but that’s okay, we can work with that.

“But sometimes, if he hasn’t slept well, he turns up for work thinking he’s Indiana Jones.

“Anyway, the garage door was closing and he tried to dive underneath it, but he wasn’t quick enough and he trapped his foot.

“Luckily he wasn’t wearing his Indy hat. He could have been decapitated.”