Adrian Mole ‘goes on murder spree’

THE latest Adrian Mole book sees the main character exacting bloody revenge on the world for his years of comic misfortune, it has emerged.

The bag contains pimple cream and guns

In Adrian Mole: Payback Time, which is published this week, Adrian – now an embittered 45¾ year-old loner and still obsessed with the size of his ‘thing’ – hunts down everyone who has ever crossed him.

Author Sue Townsend said: “Frankly it was time Adrian got his own back on Sharon Bott for humiliating him at the roller disco.

“She totally deserves it when Adrian douses her in petrol then burns her to death in a disused factory.”

The novel also resolves the doomed romance between Adrian and Pandora Braithwaite when Adrian directs detectives to a box containing her severed head.

Townsend said: “Every man has his breaking point, so it’s only natural that Adrian should want revenge on the school bully Barry Kent, who gets fed into a wood chipper, or the bad-tempered head teacher Mr Scruton, whose corpse Adrian defiles in the most vile fashion imaginable.”

Sunday Times book critic Eleanor Shaw said: “The original novel was a warm and witty portrayal of adolescence, and also a sharp satire on the zeitgeist of the 1980s.

“However this one pisses on it, especially the bit where Adrian tracks down Brainbox Henderson, who briefly went out with Pandora in the first book, and stuffs a calculator up his arse until he ruptures.”