Anger as Thatcher depicted without her fangs

A CAMPAIGN has been launched to boycott the new Margaret Thatcher biopic after producers omitted the former prime minister’s trademark fangs.

The only thing that will be remembered about Margaret Thatcher is this film

Instead Oscar-winner Meryl Streep portrays Thatcher as a relatively normal looking woman without the four-inch long upper canines that she often used to gouge massive holes in innocent nurses.

Tom Logan, a grade seven Guardian reader from Finsbury Park, is organising a nationwide boycott of The Iron Lady and has urged people to compare the film to Hitler.

He said: “I sat there for two hours, waiting patiently for her to kill a midwife and eat it. It’s the sort of blatant historical revisionism we’ve come to expect from the same people who brought us Mamma Mia.

“I used to like Meryl Streep, but now I’m calling for her to be sacked from everything.”

Helen Archer, a full-time Unison official from Stevenage, said: “At the end I stood up and started shouting ‘shame, shame’. No-one joined in because they were even more shocked and angry than I was. But at east they portrayed Dennis as a horrible racist, so I’ll give it two out of five.”

Meanwhile, the film has also been attacked by supporters of the former Tory leader who claim it suggests she is no longer prime minister while also depicting her as being so old that it raises the possibility she might eventually die.

Former chancellor, Norman Lamont, said: “There’s one scene where she’s talking to Dennis but he’s not there, because he’s dead. So if he’s not there then she can’t be talking to him which means they’re claiming she was wrong.”

And former transport secretary, Cecil Parkinson, added: “She’s still as sharp as a tack. And to prove it she pushed this tack into the back of my hand.”