BBC Responds To Huge Demand For Piece-Of-Shit Australian Soap-Opera

THE BBC has responded to huge public demand by spending £50m of license payers money on a piece-of-shit soap opera set in Australia.

Remember this pair of bastards?

Director General Mark Thompson said millions of viewers have written and emailed the corporation demanding a replacement for Neighbours because their televisions are stuck on BBC1.

Thompson said: "As the BBC moves, once again, into the 20th Century, we should seek out new challenges.

"At some point in his career every director general commissions a new piece-of-shit Australian soap-opera. Of course it's a gamble, but I believe Britain is ready for 25 minutes of blonde women in vests."

One letter, from 43 year-old Barbara Farnaham, said: "Dear BBC, I loved the Neighbours, they made me happy and sad.

"But since they went to that other channel I've lost my remote control. Please can you take all my license money and make another the Neighbours so I can be happy and sad again?"

Nineteen year-old Becky Plender wrote: "I likes the Eastenders but it's always so cloudy.

"Can you make the Eastenders in a hot country so they can all wear t-shirts and talk about the club and the second hand car dealership while they're standing next to a swimming pool?"

Thompson has also unvelied plans for a £75 million alternative to ITV's Emmerdale.

Starting next spring, Emmerdail will be set in a rural North Yorkshire community and will follow the sexy lives of a trio of mixed-stock farmers and they're ruthless attempts to secure approval from the Soil Association.