Bear Grylls attempting to survive London on average salary

BEAR Grylls’ latest challenge is to live in London while earning £12.50 an hour.

The survival expert is filming a new Channel 4 series in which he attempts to survive equipped only with an average income and a ‘studio flat’ in Clapham.

Grylls said: “Once I’d paid my £1,300 rent and put some money on my Oyster card there was nothing left for food, so I set a snare for my neighbour’s cat and cooked it in the sink.

“Tomorrow I’ll set up some Polynesian bird traps on Clapham Common, so at least I’ll have some sparrows to put in my sandwiches.

“I need some new shoes too, so I’ll cut down a tree and hope no one notices I’m wearing crude wooden flip-flops.”

He added: “I can’t afford to do anything except stay in and worry about money, which is really depressing when you’re meant to be doing all the stuff in Time Out.”

Grylls also revealed that his SAS ‘escape and evasion’ skills had allowed him to outwit Tesco security staff while stealing toilet rolls.