BNP Man Woos Ballerina Away From Chink

BNP activist Richard Barnbrook is to marry beautiful English dancer Simone Clarke  after rescuing her from the clutches of a slanty-eyed Latino half-breed devil, he said last night.

Get your dirty foreign hands of our Simone

Mr Barnbrook said he had fallen for Clarke after meeting her at a BNP curry and lager night at his local Indian, before wooing her using the traditional lovemaking ways of the indigenous Anglo Saxon peoples of the British Isles.

And he insisted she had only betrayed her race with Yat-Sen Chang, her Chinese-Cuban paramour, after being kidnapped, plied with opium and driven to a frenzy by prolonged exposure to his ‘jungle music’.

He said: “Simone is very much the victim here as she is of the weaker sex.

“Understandably her mind was disturbed by the animalistic hip thrusting of that degenerate savage. I just thank God and St George I was able to bring her back.”

The BNP councillor said he planned to raise the unfortunate mongrel offspring of the dancer’s white slavery as his own, until the child was old enough to earn its living in some filthy backstreet brothel.

“I have nothing against the children of mixed-raced couples, as long as they do not attempt to dilute the blood line of my own pure race with their debased fluids,” he said.

Mr Barnbrook has also drawn up a list of ballets that his fiancée will not be allowed to perform on racial grounds after they are married.

He said: “Anything by Tchaikovsky really. No wife of mine will dance to the music of a Bolshevik Jew Slav. They’re worse than the darkies, who can at least drive a bus.”