Brit Awards 'clinically unwatchable', say experts


NEXT month’s Brit awards will be ‘clinically unwatchable’, according to the Royal College of Physicians.

You'll probably have to go the toilet quite soon

The RCP  had feared an epidemic of severe head injuries and gastro intestinal expulsions, but now say the emergency services can relax as the ceremony will be so bad that no-one will be able to get beyond the first three seconds.

A spokesman said: “It’s physically impossible to watch something with this degree of Fearne Cotton. Your brain would shut down temporarily as a protection measure if you even tried.

“But it’s when you add the all-night presence of James Corden you realise just how little you know about the human body.

“We think that if someone was to even try to watch this man presenting an entire awards ceremony, their face would attempt to turn itself inside out so that their eyes were looking at their own brain.

“And if James Corden then introduces either N-Bubz or Mumford & Sons we think the ears will collapse in on themselves as if they are being crumpled up in the palm of an invisible hand.”

But the RCP said there was even a danger from simply having your television switched on as dreadfulness from the ceremony could leak into other channels causing involuntary absorption by people who were just watching a documentary about crocodiles and wouldn’t know James Corden if he drove past them in his pathetic, ill-gotten sports car.

The spokesman added: “We’re advising people to saw their television in half at least six hours before the broadcast starts, encase it in concrete and then throw it in a canal.”



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