Bush Gives Blair Lead Role In Jug Band

TONY Blair and George Bush are set to invade the music charts after forming a hillbilly jug band.

"Sounds like a tank driving over a cow," says the NME

With Blair leaving Number 10 and Bush just 18 months away from exiting the White House, both men have been keen to continue their hugely successful partnership.

After talks in Washington and London they agreed to form G&T's Hillbilly Stompers, a six-piece band centred around the umistakeable tones of the moonshine jug.

After recording sessions in Nashville, Atlanta and Darlington, their debut album Fists of God is due in the shops next week.

It features tracks including Ma Momma Don't Like Arabs, The Lord Made Me a Liar and God is a Three Gallon Jug.

Blair plays lead jug, while Bush handles rhythm jug and vocals. The President is also responsible for most of the jaunty, hate-filled lyrics.

A world tour is expected to kick-off early next year with a concert at One Eyed Leroy's Brunch & Gas in Oak Hill, West Virginia.