Computer Game Fan No Time To Masturbate

TOP World of Warcraft player Jason Stibbles could be forced to give up masturbation altogether after the hugely popular online game unveiled its new expansion called Wrath of the Lich King.

Stibbles: Hugely excited by online gaming, but not by pictures of naked girls

Stibbles, 14, a Draenei warrior with the Alliance, is currently managing just one act of self-pleasuring a week due to his massive online gaming commitments, compared to the four a day regarded as normal for his age by most experts.

However, he said even this solitary hand-job was unlikely to take place “for the foreseeable future” after it emerged the WoW expansion would raise the level cap from 70 to 80 while adding an additional realm and a new player class of Demon Felcher.

Stibbles said: “The increase in the level cap is a crusher. I had just reached the stage where I thought I could ease back to just ten hours a day on the game and spend some more time wanking, but that looks a long way off again now.

“Still I am hugely excited about the prospect of exploring this new territory and the revelation about the new class really makes up for all the masturbation I am going to miss. I can’t wait to become a Demon Felcher.”

Jason’s mum Ellen Stibbles, 43, said she was “extremely angry” about the game’s expansion and beside herself with worry about her son’s total lack of interest in "pulling his own pudding".

She said: “It can’t be right for a young lad of his age to spend ten hours a day in front of a computer screen without once tapping ‘filthy, sex, nude, girls’ into his search engine. It’s got so bad I’m hiding porno mags under his mattress. It’s not normal.”

However, Halsy Knox, chief executive of the charity Masturbation Concern, welcomed the announcement.

He said: “Jason and millions like him have been spared a life of binge wanking, and the blindness and derangement which inevitably follows, by this latest expansion of the World of Warcraft. Hopefully, he will now grow up to be a perfectly normal obsessive player of online fantasy games and not some kind of demented pervert."