Creative people likely to suffer from pretentiousness

ARTISTIC people are prone to being full of shit, according to a new study.

Research by the Institute for Studies found a link between creativity and being a jumped-up tosser with a stupid scarf.

Professor Henry Brubaker said: “Writers, artists, musicians and even the people who make adverts for fucking bath products, they all have a psychological flaw that makes them think they’re really, really amazing.

“If you look at pictures of Virginia Woolf mooning around with her toff mates, you can tell she reckons she’s pretty deep.

“‘I’m the shit’, she’s thinking, ‘because I’ve just written a book about a boring day trip’. Whatever, I bet she’d have been hopeless with a puncture repair kit.

“And Salvador Dali. That moustache. What a twat.”

Brubaker believes that artistic pretentiousness is also a tool for avoiding domestic chores.

He said: “Picasso consistently refused to put the bins out, making up lame excuses about how he was too busy creating Cubism. Yet he always had plenty of time for shagging.”