DJ talks about his work as if it has artistic merit


A DANCE music DJ has spoken about his work like he’s some sort of artist.

Like a musical instrument that's not a musical instrument

Like a musical instrument that’s not a musical instrument

28-year-old Stephen Malley earns good money playing CDs of house music to people on drugs.

Making a thoughtful facial expression, he said: “With me, it’s more of a journey.

“I could start techy and then go more progressive, or start progressive and then go trancey.

“I’m like this crazy chameleon figure, always changing, always unpredictable.”

Seemingly oblivious to his role as a temporary figurehead for the most easily entertained demographic on earth, he continued: “Lots of DJs do this thing where they take the bass out for a little bit then drop it back in.

“But I take the bass out for quite a long time, then bring it back in.

“It’s the future.”

Malley confirmed that he was also working on his first album, or at least getting some other people to make it for him so that he could put his name on it.

He added: “When I’ve achieved all my goals as a DJ, I’ll probably write a book that redefines literature, or do a science course and then build the first actual teleporter.

“But who knows? Like I said, I’m a chameleon.”

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