Festivals not corporate enough, say kids

MUSIC festivals should have more branding and marketing, according to young people.

Festival-goers under 25 told researchers that they love seeing their favourite brands in a field.

19-year-old Tom Logan said: “Sometimes I think the music gets in the way of advertising. The best thing about festivals is being able to develop my relationship with companies and lose myself in their corporate identity.

“Apparently there was a time when music wasn’t basically a giant advert. But this was way back when trains were powered by steam and seems just as weird to my sexy young mind.

“They should just have a load of banners in a field and no stages, for example you could meet your friends at Nokia and then head over to Diageo for a chill in the afternoon.”

17-year-old Nikki Hollis said: “You can’t really blame us. Pop stars used to go ‘take drugs and worship Satan’ so everyone did that, but now they’re like ‘drink fizzy pop and get a credit card’ so we’re like ‘ok’.

“At least we get to go to bed at a reasonable time.”

18-year-old Tom Logan said: “I did some acid at V Festival and had all these visuals of Richard Branson as the son of God. Turned out Virgin were the event’s official drug experience sponsors.

“It was one of those deep spiritual moments where you realise you should upgrade your broadband.”