Film stupider than audience


ACTION-fantasy tripe bucket Sucker Punch has made idiots feel cleverer than something.

And yet this photograph makes it look so smart and clever

The film, directed by Zach Snyder and starring tight young women, is based on a 12-year-old boy’s drawing of a woman with massive breasts fighting a samurai robot.

Julian Cook, professor of cinema at Reading University, said it was a breakthrough for studios who have spent years trying to give morons the exhilarating feeling that they have been underestimated.

He added: “Your average moviegoer really just wants to feel disdainful of something. It’s that thrill of superiority that people who struggle to operate belt buckles rarely enjoy.

“But it’s a big ask to make someone feel clever when they’ve just paid £12 for a tray of lukewarm crisps draped in a luminous cheese-equivalent.

Flubber nearly succeeded, likewise Meet The Spartans and any live action film about cavemen. But with Sucker Punch, they have finally hit paydirt. It’s like a film and a computer game at the same time, but not in a good way.

“Meanwhile the women look like they’ve been dressed by Victorian paedophiles, giving the cretins that extra ‘moral high ground’ buzz.”

Following the success of Sucker Punch, Snyder has now been given the greenlight for his Robocop re-imagining Fartcop With Boobs.

Father-of-one Tom Logan said: “I am a moron. Sometimes I won’t get in the bath because I see my own reflection in the water and assume there’s already someone in there.

“And, also, I felt that some of the fart jokes in Big Momma’s House were too complicated.

“But watching Sucker Punch made me feel like Stephen Fry having to make small talk with builders.

“I feel as tall as a cloud. Clouds are tall, right?”


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