Friends to return as sitcom about miserable, isolated 40somethings


US SITCOM Friends is coming back for a new series where all the characters are too busy to ever hang out with each other.

Their hair still looks great but feels old and brittle

Their hair still looks great but feels old and brittle

The new show will depict the characters, now in their 40s, struggling to manage their young children, elderly parents, increasingly demanding careers and worries about strange pains which might be cancer.

A show insider said: “Monica and Chandler are in arrears on their mortgage, working 14 hours a day and looking after two lactose-intolerant children. There’s a hilarious sex scene where they both fall asleep during sex but each thinks the other didn’t.

“Chandler still delivers the occasional zinger on Twitter or Facebook and sometimes one of the old gang will Like it or even comment. Phoebe pops into Central Perk, which is now as silent as a library because everyone’s only there for the wifi.

“There’s a great scene where Joey makes a pass at special guest star Mila Kunis and she doesn’t even realise it’s happening because he’s too old for her even to consider him as a sexual being.

“And Rachel still looks hot, despite an increasing resemblance to JK Rowling.

“The whole series builds up to the gang getting together again, which takes two months to organise because everyone’s kids keep being ill.

“When they finally meet nobody will drink coffee after 8pm because they’re desperate for a good night’s sleep.

“In the post-credits sequence everyone’s just checking their smartphones and staring brokenly into the middle distance.”

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