‘Girl With The Apple Tattoo’ sparks product placement row

A NEW thriller about a troubled Goth who covers
her body in corporate logos has sparked debate about film sponsorship.

It's actually very subtle

Based on the Steig Larsson novel, The Girl With The Apple Tattoo tells the story of Lisbeth Santander, a vengeful young girl with a really helpful bank whose only friend is disgraced journalist and coffee lover Mikel Nescafe.

Starring Rooney Mara, the film shows Santander endure harrowing violence, sustained only by her faith in a number of multinational companies whose logos she has tattooed on her body.

Director Stephen Malley said: “The apple across Lisbeth’s shoulder blades is symbolic of her battle with cumbersome PC operating systems, and the rage that shitty Windows browsers have instilled in her.

“For more obscure plot reasons she also has the Burger King stamp on her arm, the Pepsi logo on her forehead and, in one unbearably gripping scene, we discover why her left buttock is tattooed with the phrase ‘Banana Yazoo is delicious’.”

He added: “It’s definitely what Stieg Larsson would’ve wanted, he was into a mixture of radical socialism and cool consumer brands.”

As the plot unfolds, Lisbeth and Mikel Nescafe join forces to solve the mystery of a disappearing girl in numerous exciting scenes of MacBooks being opened and closed with increasing intensity.

Film critic Roy Hobbs said: “‘Apple Tattoo’ is based on a middle-aged liberal journalist’s tale of a lithe, mink-like young girl who meets a middle-aged liberal journalist and shags him to within an inch of his life.

“What a sly old feminist he was.”