Harmonising mice make it through to Boot Camp

A GROUP of harmonising mice are preparing themselves for the gruelling Boot Camp stage of X Factor.

Jake likes cheese, the Foo Fighters and eating his own offspring

The mice, named *R’odentz by mentor Tulisa Constantavlos, secured a place in the next stage of the competition with an a capella version of Chasing Rainbows by Adele.

Tulisa called the performance ‘life changing’ while judge Louis Walsh said they could potentially be bigger than One Direction. Nicole Scherzinger basically agreed with what the others said then tried to vote them off.

Culture pundit Francesca Johnson said: “The X Factor has always been a showcase for squealing vermin.

“Meanwhile, mice are barely socialised animals with a tiny IQ and a huge appetite for cheese. The X Factor audience identifies with them very closely.”

But animal rights activist Roy Hobbs said: “These poor animals are humiliated every week. And now they are doing it to mice.

“They learn simple melodies by repetition and are then able to sing them, though of course they can’t understand the words or inject any real emotion.

“Hang on, I’ve genuinely forgotten whether we’re still talking about the mice.”