Harry photos ruined by old Spanish woman


TREASURED photographs of Prince Harry naked in Las Vegas have been ruined by an elderly Spanish woman.

Experts hope they will at least be able to remove the buck teeth

Cecilia Gimenez, from Zaragoza, was hired to restore Ecce Harry, hailed by art historians as a key example of neo-smartphonism.

The images had become badly worn after being looked at on the internet, but instead of enhancing the detail around the Prince’s upper crotch, Mrs Gimenez gave him a buck-toothed clown’s mouth and covered his buttocks in thick, reddish-brown hair.

Art critic Julian Cook, said: “She’s obviously used his eyes from a different photo and while the clown’s mouth is a daring choice, she’s plastered it on to the side of his face and expected it to look normal.

“Also, I’m pretty sure the buttocks have been cut and pasted from a photo of an adolescent orang-utan.”

Eighty-one year-old Mrs Gimenez  said: “TMZ called on me to bring the photos back to life and strip away the top layer of recently added pixels to perhaps reveal a glimpse of the Prince’s concealed genitalia.

“But I thought it would be a shame not to celebrate his lovely smile and dancing eyes.”

Amid noisy bullshit, the unrestored images have been reproduced in today’s Sun with the paper actually bothering to argue that it is defending press freedom. Tom Logan, from Peterborough, said: “I don’t care about that.”

Meanwhile, a poll has placed the naked Harrys at numbers five and nine on the list of Britain’s all-time favourite artworks, with the top three places going to Yeames’s And When Did You Last See Your Father?, Gainsborough’s The Blue Boy and Constable’s The Hay Wain.

Mrs Gimenez added: “Ruined. Ruined. Ruining on Monday.”



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